Ant La Dash



Name :‘Dashing’ Ant La Dash
Height: 6ft 1
Weight: 185Lbs
Finisher: Dash Effect.
Residing: South UK
Groups: The Entitled, #LaDash Tag, Vicious & Delicious

-Former x3 time KAPOW & SWF Tag Team Champion W/ Hitman for Hire (V&D)

-Former Kapow Villainweight Champion (9 Months)

-Former UBW British Heavyweight Champion (6 Months) 

The Arrogant but ever so Dashing Ant La Dash is a Confident, self indulgent villain in the world of Proffessional Wrestling who believes in his own abilties. Trained at the Notorious Fwa: Academy, With nearly 17 years experience under his belt the former UBW British Heavyweight Champion/Kapow Villainweight Champion is looking to make waves in British Wrestling.

Debuting in Many new promotions and Dazzlin the Fans with his High Flying and impressive moveset. Ant La Dash is the self pro claimed best looking wrestler in the entire world of pro wrestling and, His very own Entourage will make you prove otherwise. Ant La Dash alongside his perosnal Body Guard and tag team
partner The ‘Hitman for Hire’ are also in tag team duo know as ‘Vicious & Delicious’

Away from the ring, Master La Dash enjoys the finer things in life, relaxing with friends in his personal Chateaux in Monaco, France. or cruising around the Mediterranean, Champagne and Caviar for all of his Dashing Guests….but Only if you have a personal, hand written invitation

Normally reserved for the likes of Kip Sabian or Alexa Bliss, he also has an expensive habit of buying luxurious mirrors, apparently you can never have enough! #StayDashing

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