Name : Lookachu
Height: 5ft9
Weight: 190Lbs
Finisher: Falcon Arrow
Residing: Wrestlemon Centre
Groups: Team Wrestlemon

-Current Dynamite Division trophy holder

-Former KAPOW Heroweight Champion (5 Months)

Residing in the Wrestlemon Centre in Viridian City, Lookachu is Professional Wrestlings only ‘Wrestlemon’.
First being introduced to KAPOW fans by his original trainer Nick Ketchum, Lookachu quickly accuired the support of the KAPOW fanbase while gaining momentum.
All culminating in Lookachu’s first KAPOW Heroweight Championship win in March of 2017 against ‘The Prince Of Mumbai’ Rishi Ghosh!
Often referred to as the face of KAPOW, Lookachu can be seen live at KAPOW events ready to give out as many high fives and thumbs ups as he can, so If you see him make sure to give him a high five and a solid thumbs up! LOOKA LOOKA! #gottacatchthemall 

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