KAPOW Wrestling: Nobody Tosses a Dwarf

KAPOW Wrestling returns to The Hobbit in Bevois Valley, Southampton for our summer spectacular: “Nobody Tosses A Dwarf”. Featuring: “The King of Performance” Kelly Sixx “The Prince of Mumbai” Rishi Ghosh Priscilla “Queen of the Ring” “The Thunderball” Lookachu “Mad Dog” Brian Quinn “Japanese Superhero” Kamen Okami “The Iron Hulk” Karl Atlas Card Subject To […]

15 Man Ragin’ Rumble to decide the #1 Contender

Event News

15 Man Ragin’ Rumble I sense a great disturbance in the Force…! Just when this show couldn’t get any bigger, we put 15 of KAPOW’s brightest and best superstars in the ring to earn a future Heroweight Title opportunity! With House honour also on the line, who will lead the charge onwards into 2018?