Lookachu Vs Mad Dog Quinn: Pier Pressure

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It is KAPOW’s heavyweight rivalry of the summer – with “The Thunderball” Lookachu and “Mad Dog” Quinn each successfully scoring a pinfall over the other. In Southsea the battle lines are drawn and it must end here!

Trashman Vs Matt MG: Pier Pressure

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The Trashman is known as one of the UK’s toughest fighters, but can he be victorious against the newly crowned Dynamite Division Champion: “The Current, Future & Forever” Matt MG?

KAPOW Wrestling turns 5 years old!


We are pleased to declare that KAPOW Pro Wrestling is 5 years old! We are proud of every hero and villain who has stepped into the our comic book squared circle and shown the world that, in this modern era, wrestling can still be full of bright colours, crazy characters and unadulterated fun! Here’s to […]