Rishi vs Percy | Live at Horsham


Hollywood megastar “The Prince of Mumbai” Rishi Ghosh will have a crushing dose of reality this Saturday Night as he faces “The Pirate Captain” Percy Swindles in a no-holds-barred Tables Match!


Event News

In Horsham, KAPOW Wrestling will be debuting a newly minted set of Tag Team Championships! KAPOW Management has studied the wins and losses record of the active roster from the past 2 years and we can now reveal that Mjr Lee Buff and “The Trashman” Marcus Broome will face The Heavyweight Heartbreakers to decide the […]

Results from Hedge End Social Club Feb 17th

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Ant La Dash and the rest of House Dashing kicked the show off by telling the sold out crowd that they were too good to be in Hedge End and that they were leaving. The Solent Bombers had other ideas and challenged all the members to matches throughout the afternoon.

NEW DATE & VENUE: KAPOW Wrestling comes to Horley

Event News

Due to a clerical error with the previous venue, we have had to reschedule this event to Friday 22nd March at the new venue of Horley Town FC. If you require more information about tickets, please message the KAPOW Wrestling Facebook page. Thank you.