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KAPOW & SWF Southampton Supershow Highlights

The hard-hitting action from the KAPOW & SWF Supershow in Southampton. #WeAreKAPOWHuge thanks to AB Videography for their stellar work on this music video.

Geplaatst door KAPOW Wrestling op Dinsdag 8 oktober 2019

KAPOW & SWF SUPERSHOW results, October 5th Chamberlayne Leisure Centre.

Match 1.
Solent Bombers Vs Hugo Bloom & Eddie Kenway
Winners: Bloom & Kenway (17:52)
Solent bombers had the crowd fully behind them all the way through this opening contest, Bloom & Kenway took the win after a Low blow to Kris Kay when the ref was distracted.

After the Match The Monster Cobalt appeared ringside and Chokeslammed Kris Kay.

Match 2.
SWF Woman’s Championship
Zan Phoenix (C) Vs Ms Jackalope
Winner: Zan Phoenix (13.45)
Ms Jackalope looked impressive in her debut but didn’t manage to pick up the win this time, Zan Phoenix’s Reign continues.

Match 3.
10 years in the making.
Karl Atlas Vs Hitman for Hire
Winner: Karl Atlas (21.42)
The battle of the beards, these two went to war in what is sure to be nominated as Match of the Night, after battling it out for over 21 minutes of non stop action, Atlas came out with the big W.


Match 4 .
KAPOW Tag Team Championship
The British Bruisers Vs Buff Culture
Winner: Buff Culture (Title Change) (20:04)
New Champions: Mjr Lee Buff & Simon Miller
The Bruisers’ looked like they had this match in the bag throughout the contest, however buff culture found their form and made a huge comeback in beating the champs and becoming your new Champions. Rematch issued for KAPOW, Portsmouth October 19th.

KAPOW Heroweight Championship
Maddog (C) Vs Rishi Ghosh
Winner: Maddog (17:42)
After an epic battle and chaos taking place around the venue, the mighty Quinn managed to retain his championship against the Prince of Mumbai, Rishi Ghosh.

Next event at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre March 28th 2020.

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