Results from Hedge End Social Club Feb 17th


Ant La Dash and the rest of House Dashing kicked the show off by telling the sold out crowd that they were too good to be in Hedge End and that they were leaving.
The Solent Bombers had other ideas and challenged all the members to matches throughout the afternoon.

Match 1- Lookachu def. Percy Swindles

Match 2- Ultra Violet and Astrid The Viking def. House Dashing’s B.TY

Match 3- House Dashing’s Hitman For Hire – Pro Wrestler def. The Mighty Oak after a distraction from Ant La Dash

Match 4- Brian MadDog Quinn def. Mjr Lee Buff and Kamen Okami in a triple threat match to earn a Heroweight Championship match at The Hobbit Pub this August.

Match 5- Ant La Dash def. Kris Kay after interference from the Hitman For Hire.

As the show closed the Solent Bombers challenged La Dash and the Hitman to a tag match next time in Hedge End.

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