Nobody Tosses a Dwarf 2018 highlights: KAPOW Pro Wrestling

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At the height of summer, the flames of war rage their hardest. At The Hobbit Pub in Southampton the warriors of KAPOW Pro Wrestling battled for gold and glory! Check out all the action you might’ve missed from this year’s epic event.


Eddie Kenway Vs Dan “The Hammer” Head (WINNER: Dan Head)

Six way battle for the Dynamite Division Trophy (WINNER: Matt MG)

J-Jay’s Beauty Parlour (WINNER: Astrid the Viking)

Lookachu Vs Mad Dog Quinn (WINNER: Mad Dog Quinn)

4 way Tag-Team Match (WINNERS: Vicious and Delicious)

Rishi Ghosh Vs Dr Logan (WINNER: Rishi Ghosh)

Kelly Sixx Vs Priscilla (WINNER: Priscilla)

Want to watch more KAPOW Wrestling action in person? The next event will be Pier Pressure at The Gaitey Bar.

See more details of the next KAPOW event



“Angry Angus” by TeknoAxe (
“Precious Heart (Sakura’s Theme)” Cover by Little V. (
“Game of Thrones” cover by Johnathan Young (

Filming and editing

Richie Gray (

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