KAPOW had an absolutely amazing first year. Debuting in 2013 with 2 sell out shows and a top flight show in London! Our first year saw Infinity become the first 'Dynamite Division' Trophy Champion and dominate that division ever since. Major Lee Buff became a fan favourite and has risen through the 'ranks' (pardon the pun) even beating British legend James Mason in London. Chuck Cyrus and Priscilla had a match of the year contender at Issue#2 when they wrestled for over 30 minutes! Priscilla went on to Issue#3 in London and defeated long time idol and Mexican Lucha Libre Megastar - Cassandro El Exotico. The League of Ordinary Gentlemen headed by 'Mr. Sensible' Steve Luthor made themselves known and have tried to destroy some of KAPOW's craziest characters such as: El Technico Supremo and 'Trashman' Marcus Broome. In response the duo have formed their own group: The 'Tache World Order
KAPOW is a professional wrestling promotion based in the
south of the UK. We have a simple ethos...
bring back colours!

For too long professional wrestling has been dark, dingy
and devoid of colour.
KAPOW! hopes to bring colourful, fun and exciting
characters back to the world of British wrestling!